ManpowerGroup Solutions

For more than a decade, the world's leading companies have turned to ManpowerGroup Solutions for their outsourcing needs. ManpowerGroup Solutions provides clients with human resources outsourcing services primarily in the areas of large-scale recruiting and outcome-based workforce-intensive initiatives, thereby sharing in the risk and reward with our clients.

Description: ManpowerGroup  

ManpowerGroup Solutions is the outsourcing expert and provider of customised, scalable solutions for workforce agility. We provide:

Managed Services Programs (MSP)

We provide customised, scalable solutions for contingent and project-based needs that are instrumental in driving quality, process, and performance improvements across the client organisation, while providing risk mitigation and overall cost reduction.

Your Workforce is changing and so is the way you manage it

Your Workforce is Changing & So Is The Way You Manage It
In a fast-paced, unpredictable marketplace, organisations must be able to react quickly. Increasingly, employers are utilising contingent workforce strategies to provide flexibility. And as the number of contingent workforce sources increases, so do the challenges, such as managing cost, standardising processes and tracking performance. Read more...