Corporate Social Responsibility Priorities

We provide innovative workforce solutions to help our clients operate more effectively and ethically. We connect people to the dignity of work.

We care about the environment and aspire to be good stewards of resources and thought leaders in the contemporary future of work.

Through all of this, we help build more sustainable and dynamic communities.

ManpowerGroup's priorities for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are aligned with our business priorities and those of our stakeholders in three main areas:

ManpowerGroup is a model of good corporate citizenship:
Together we are a mission based organisation with shared Values:

We demonstrate responsible business practices:

We provide leadership by intention and example:

We assess and manage risk responsibly:

We care about people and the dignity of work in their lives.
We are a leader in workforce development with a special focus on:

A sustainable environment provides greater opportunities in the future of work.
As good stewards, we: